I am a fourth year PhD student at Northeastern University. I am glad to be a member of the Data Lab and advised by Prof. Mirek Riedewald.

My current research interest focuses on explanations and fairness in databases, especially in rankings. For example, our recent project proposes why-not-yet problems by asking why-not questions in the context of top-k rankings and considering them satisfiability or optimization problems.


  • HITSNDIFFS: From Truth Discovery to Ability Discovery by Recovering Matrices with the Consecutive Ones Property
    Zixuan Chen, Subhodeep Mitra, R. Ravi, Wolfgang Gatterbauer
    ICDE 2024
  • SANTOS: Relationship-based Semantic Table Union Search
    Aamod Khatiwada, Grace Fan, Roee Shraga, Zixuan Chen, Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Renée J. Miller, Mirek Riedewald
    PACMMOD 1(1) (SIGMOD 2023)
  • Why Not Yet: Fixing a Top-k Ranking that Is Not Fair to Individuals
    Zixuan Chen, Panagiotis Manolios, Mirek Riedewald
    PVLDB 16(9) (VLDB 2023)
  • 一种基于树分解的图上点区间编码方法及应用
    陈子轩, 何震瀛, 荆一楠
    计算机应用与软件 39(3)
  • A Fast Automated Model Selection Approach Based on Collaborative Knowledge
    Zhenyuan Sun, Zixuan Chen, Zhenying He, Yinan Jing, X. Sean Wang
    DASFAA 2020